• Installation

  • Carpet Flooring Installation

    We take pride in our trade and have years of experience and training to assure our skills are superior to others. because we are a quality shop we focus on true craftsmanship. our client expect professional results and we give them just that.we use only the best materials such as seaming tapes,tacking strips,transition strips and more.our installation crew are fully equipped with the proper equipment to install your floor with as well as the right materials for the job. ask about our limited lifetime installation warranty.

  • Laminate Flooring Installation

    laminate flooring comes in all sorts of styles and sizes but one thing is for sure we are masters when it comes to the installation process. we recommend acclimating your new laminates prior to installing it. having your floor delivered prior to the install date assures a better installation. from the removal of your old floor even cutting the planks to fit to the final touches of setting your trim and furniture back in place our laminate installers make the process painless and simple so just sit back and relax we will do the rest. 

  • Vinyl Flooring Installation

    Vinyl flooring can be a great alternative for ceramic and certainly less expensive, we are pro`s! floor prep is the key to a successful sheet vinyl or tile install. we use the best adhesives and floor prep the industry offers and apply them according to industry standards. whether its a patterned product or you want specialty insert/borders there is nothing we cant do your options are limitless.sub floors, substrate repairs, holes,cracks,ect we can fix anything and have it pass the manufacture criteria.we are master installers with over 30 years exp.

  • Ceramic tile installation

    Ceramic tile is truly a classy way to go when it comes to looking luxurious. It is certainly no myth that ceramic out preforms the other alternatives of its class. the comparison between a ceramic tile floor and a vinyl floor is similar to the difference between a diamond and a cubic zirconia. the ceramic out preforms vinyl and is extremely durable. the installation requires a professional and Dayton carpet online offers professional installation.we can put ceramic in any area you would like kitchens, baths, entry,  outdoors, whole houses, basements and more. we offer specialty work such as walls, ceilings,back splashes boarders and much more.