• How do I clean my hardwood floor?

      Laminate flooring is easy to maintenance. you can sweep it like you do other floors with a soft broom and use a damp mop method.do not use harsh chemicals or wax on these types of floors. laminate flooring cannot be stripped,buffed or waxed. our installers can repair laminate planks that are chipped ,worn or scratched by replacing the damaged plank.

    • How does the subfloor need to be constructed for laminate installation?

      Laminate floor can be installed generally over any type of sub floor,vinyl,tile, and certain types of commercial carpeting. these floors must be smooth and the joints in the sub floor must be even. we always inspect our clients floor and look for imperfections that may cause problems and look for solutions acceptable to the manufacturer. most floors are suitable for laminate floor or wood.

    • Can I install a laminate floor in the bathroom?

      laminate is a great choice for bathrooms and is reasonably priced, laminate flooring looks great in a bathroom, laminate floor must be sealed in a bathroom to get the proper performance. although some would disagree the manufacture does not and substantiates its use in kitchens,baths and entry areas . Our installers are professional and know the proper procedure for installing in these areas.

    • Does the price of the carpet include carpet padding and carpet installation?

      Our company gives you a total price on carpet, carpet padding, and installation. although many out there use gimmicks to market themselves and trick people to feel they are getting items for free we all know as a consumer these are just gimmicks. we like to simply bundle you a nice deal and give you a choice on how you want it bundles.

    • What is the charge for removing old carpet and carpet padding and hauling it away?

      we offer the service of removing your old carpet and carpet padding and we haul it way. there is a small fee for this which we disclose upon discussing our projects needs. many homeowners prefer to remove carpet and padding themselves to do a deep cleaning for various reasons such as pet damage,fire damage or flood if this is the case we do not charge unless you request us to haul it away. the carpet must be cut into 3` to 4` pieces in order for us to haul it away.

    • Is vinyl water-resistant?

      Vinyl flooring is considered waterproof and repels water efficiently under normal use and general cleaning. Water can be a tricky and travel about anywhere especially if a water heater or a washer line bursts this could cause a vinyl floor to become damaged depending on how it was installed.the loose lay methods allow water to become trapped under the vinyl and could produce damage to substrate even mold. under those circumstances most flooring would be damaged.